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2/3 | My 5 Fri-YAY Faves

Posted in Health & Fitness, Life
on February 3, 2017

Happy Fri-YAY! 

I thought about how I share a LOT of links on my social media accounts throughout the week, and I understand how difficult it can be to keep up with everything.

So I figured that I would start a regular weekly round-up of my 5 favorite posts, articles, podcasts, products (#YouNameIt) that I’ve discovered throughout the week.

That being said, welcome to the first edition of “My 5 Fri-YAY Faves”. Enjoy.

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My Postpartum Fitness Journey

Posted in Health & Fitness
on January 16, 2017
My Postpartum Fitness Journey

A couple of years ago, you could find me on the dance floor at LA Fitness getting my cardio on. At least twice a week, I would attend my favorite hip hop cardio class – slaying the choreo, getting fit & having fun doing it. Back then, I considered myself to be very much in shape.

After I got pregnant, I continued to attend classes up until around 7 months, when it became too exhausting to keep up. Over a year later, I’m in the worst shape I’ve ever been in my life.

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A Guide To Yoga For Beginners: The What & Why

Posted in Health & Fitness
on October 14, 2016
Yoga mat

Yoga has become a beloved practice among people of all ages, shapes & abilities. Because there are many layers to this ancient practice, I thought I would put together a brief guide to introduce yoga to beginners like myself.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual, mental & physical discipline practiced by many around the world. The word ‘yoga’ originates from Sanskrit, meaning ‘union’. When practicing yoga, the idea is to unite your mind, body & spirit. There are many forms of yoga, referred to as the eight limbs:

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I’m A Black Woman Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Posted in Health & Fitness, Motherhood
on September 15, 2016

If you followed me before over at Dancing With Motherhood, you saw me document my emotional roller coaster as a brand new mom. Little did I understand that I was dealing with more than just the baby blues – in other words, postpartum depression.

It started out with tears here & there. Then it evolved into irrational, emotional breakdowns. Next thing you know, I rarely left my room. My appetite changed & I began losing weight. As a nursing mother, ones appetite should have been plentiful. The only reason I ate was because I forced myself to for the sake of nourishing my baby.

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