7 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Day

7 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Day

As moms, we are on the go. We have a constant list of todos that, to be real, don’t always get done. Who else has a pile on laundry on the couch that’s been sitting there for a few days? Hey, no judgment here LOL. And for those of us who stay at home or work from home, it can feel like we’re working 3 jobs at once – raising or homeschooling children during the day, working, and managing the household. Whoo, chile…I am tired just typing that out.

We desperately want to have our me time & exercise (because that baby weight is so stubborn), but we just cannot find the time in the day to do it. And when we do find the time, we’d rather relax or sleep than work out.

I get it.

However, at some point, you have got to start putting yourself on your todo list. We’re all very busy, but we can make the time in our schedules if we really want to. And the thing is, we also have to shift our mindset about what a “good” or “proper” workout should be. If you can allot even 5 minutes of your day, then you can fit in a workout.

Here are 7 ways to fit in some exercise into your day.

Find Something That You Actually Like To Do

Typically when you think of exercise, you think of weightlifting and hours-long cardio sessions. Working out can have a bad rep to it because the images & videos we see all over social media are of influencers doing the absolute most. How are you supposed to relate to that? My advice is to find something that’s fun. Keep it simple. You don’t have to burn yourself out during a workout to consider it exercise. If you like taking a walk outside, then do that. If you like to dance, crank up that Spotify playlist & shake a tailfeather. If you like kickboxing, get it mama. When you make exercise fun, it’s easier to want to do it & you’ll always make the time for the things you want to do.

Make Your Workout As Efficient As Possible

Like I mentioned before, you don’t have to trudge along on the treadmill for hours at a time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time moving your body. Take 5 minutes. In fact, the most efficient workout I can think of is high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is a type of exercise where you perform a move for a certain length of time & alternate it with rest periods. The movements in this workout can be up to your discretion. The goal here is to go at it intensely for about 30 seconds, and then rest for 45 seconds, as an example. If you need any ideas, check out this quick 10 minute workout on my Facebook page.

Include the Kids

Ideally, working out is the time we take for ourselves during the day. But realistically, we don’t get much time to ourselves. Again, if you work from home & have children at home with you during the day like myself, you probably don’t get any time for yourself. Heck, going the the bathroom by yourself is a challenge. So if you need to, have the kids join you in your workout. Mommy & me yoga is a great idea and something they can pick up very quickly. Even some fun cardio (jumping jacks, running in place) can be fun for everyone involved. And with any luck, they’ll get tired & leave you alone to finish your workout LOL.

Add It To Your Todo List

I don’t know what it is with moms & todo lists but we all have one. It’s the one thing that keeps us sane & on track to get sh*t done during the day. Mom brain is real so todo lists are the real MVP. So why not add exercise to your list? Better yet, add it to your calendar. Block off time on your iCal or Google Calendar for your daily workout. Add that notification so you don’t conveniently forget.

Workout at Home (If You Aren’t Already)

I’ll keep this one real simple…you don’t need a gym membership. The cost, the travel time, the lack of childcare (or lack of trust with the childcare)…you don’t need those problems. You can get a perfectly great workout in the comfort of your own home. Designate an area for your exercise. And you don’t even need any equipment. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for getting started & getting into a workout routine.

Use An Exercise Tracker

Tracking your activity can be an awesome motivator for keeping exercise in your busy schedule. It ignites your inner competitor. Set that step goal, and get it in! Set a goal for how much time you want to exercise and work toward that each day. My favorite tracker is the Fitbit Charge 3. I’ve had a few exercise trackers over the years, but the Fitbit by far has been the one to keep me the most motivated. I move more when I have it.

Challenge a Girlfriend to Some Friendly Competition

Speaking of inner competition, how about a little friendly outside competition? Find a mom friend & challenge her to 10,000 steps a day. Have a FaceTime (or Google Duo) exercise date if you work out at home. Head to the park with the kiddos & exercise together while the kids are playing. Having that accountability is one of the best things for making exercise a priority.

Fitting exercise into your busy day can be done. Again, don’t make it complicated. Even the smallest steps over time can achieve the greatest distance. Start somewhere. Take 5 minutes to move your body, even if it’s just some stretching right after you wake up in the morning. Your body will thank you. Your mind will thank you.

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